Sunday, 3 July 2011

Visiting Grandma

So excited my oldest in visiting his grandparents for a week. I know I seem uncaring when I say I am over the moon about this. I just need a break. The stress is through the roof here. My husband has applied for a job that would allow us to stay where we are and fallow what we really want to do instead of moving and him going to law school. Now dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with law school but he really doesnt want to go. It was a last resort. I also have applied for a job that I really dont want but if it lets us stay I will do it with a smile. I really want to go back to school and get my medic. I am so happy to have my EMT-Basic but cant find a job with it in this small town.
Well now that I went off topic back to the visit away. I feel it is good for him to go there cause he has auditory processing, sensory seeking and some other issues going on. Poor child is basically being put through thrapey all the time at home cause his mom wants him to be able to deal with what is going on and get up to age level in other areas. I feel bad doing this to him but having had issues and his father has to we dont want him to suffer what we did by being different. Grandma works with special need children and Grandpa is just fun making them the best people to go visit. They also have a farm where a hyper 2 yo can run and play.
I am missing him like crazy though. I hope he is doing well and having fun. I know it is much more fun for me to have him here. A 2 mo is not as much fun and sleeps most of the time. His father is going to enjoy it cause he is going to do his thing and enjoy visiting friends and try to wait for his call, and maybe drink a little extra beer. Mom is going to clean and keep on with life as normal along with return to work. I love my family, just wish they would give me a day off.

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