Friday, 8 July 2011

Teen moms

Ok So today I was passing some time by reading a blog post asking if teen moms should have a baby shower and all that went through my mind is hell yes. I mean it is not like they wanted to get pregnant in the first place and they need the help and support. Let their friends be there and let them have fun. Once they have the baby life will be very different and not very fun for a while. We want them to become good parents and not a "drain" on society. If not giving them a shower would do that then fine but it wont. They need to stuff they get and the love that comes with it.
I know their babies are not planned but they are loved and hopefully wanted. This is what happened to me. now don't get me wrong I was not a teen mother or single but I did have an unplanned pregnancy and did need some help from WIC MIChild and  food stamps to get started. I am not well off now and still need the assistance but I am working on getting off and not needing the help but like teen mom's I have a ways to go. One day I will be out of debt and not in need of assistance, but for now I do and I am not going to apologize for it. It is not a permanent thing and at one point I was starting to get off of it but my second unplanned blessing came and I need some more help to cover extra cost until I can find a better job or my DH can and we can get health insurance.
Until we can get what we need to support ourselves and our family we will use assistance and not apologize and I will gladly give help to those who need it when I can. I will also do what ever I need to save money so we don't need help or have debt. This is why I breast feed, use a hand pump I got for free, cook from scratch and use cloth diapers. I do not go out more then once a month when I would need money take my son's places when money is needed. My weekly splurge is 30.00 for a day of daycare for my oldest so he can get socialization  and extra therapy he needs.

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