Sunday, 3 July 2011

ER Visit

Dear ER doc.
I know you think that I wanted to be in the ER at 2130 on a Sunday night on a holiday weekend but trust me I had much better things to do. It is just that my baby would not stop screaming and I was at my wits end. I am not dumb in fact I want to start my medic classes in the winter. I know that you don't care and I am just an other over worried mother in what is most likely a long line of them over the weekend. I also get the impression that  you don't want to be working in a small town ER dealing with the every day issues of sick children and dumb drunks ect. but I really do not care. Treat me and my family like we can get some respect listen to what I have to say. My son is sick something is wrong I know this and it is not constipation only. I was right he also has an ear infection. and is in pain. Please treat his infection and pain the constipation not as big of a deal it can wait No dehydration still eating he will poop he is already trying
I know you it is pointless to see the ER for a routine issue such as ear infections and constipation but some times it can't be helped. It is a holiday weekend in a small town and we do not have a walk-in clinic open past 2100. Ok so I came in at 2130 but I wanted to wait until Tuesday to see any one so we could go to the Ped. Then he would know what was going on but it cant always happen that way. You are the one who is on this weekend and that is life. Grow-up and deal.
Thank you

P.S. I did and 5 hr shift with you when I was doing clinic rotations and thought you were rude and did not care for your pts. You do know you shi* though. Just learn some bedside mannor. You would be better liked. People may even stay to be treated.

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