Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dr visit results.

So Alex went to the Dr. yesterday and I ended up talking to him for over 1 hr and I would say somewhere about 2 hr. We spent a lot of time talking about the missing muscle in his chest that is part of a rare abnormality called Poland's syndrome that he has. We also talked a lot about his inability to fall asleep and stay asleep which unfortunately is very common with children on the autism spectrum (ASD), we touched on the aggression issues he has been having, and finally we talked about ways to treat the ASD symptoms.
First he wants to get his vit D levels up to at lest 80 to 100 that in itself is going to be a challenge, but there is some research that show that low vit D levels increases ASD symptoms and I know he has low D levels I am willing to try this.
The next thing was try to put him on a completely gluten free diet. This one I am on the fence about, I know that some children have had improvements on a gluten free diet but I am not sure I want to it is hard enough being dairy and soy free and I am worried about nutrition deficiencies. I am giving it some thought through and looking to see how realistic this is. I am not finding to much research that is giving a positive spin to this lately. So I am not sure this is going to work.
On the other hand with this I may give it a try due to the fact that he has immune labs drawn that show he has issues with some of his immune numbers related to his intestines and his repository system that show he may have a sensitive stomach. I am really on the fence about this, my only thing is I want to do the best for him and make him feel better. I wonder if these numbers will help people who are no careful about what he is eating be more careful because they do not want to hurt him and will stop giving him cheese and milk. product along with soy.
The last thing that was suggested was methyl B-12 shots. They would be an out of pocket expense and I would have to give them at home which I have no problem doing, The thing is this is an experimental treatment and I can not fund much info. I wonder if it worth it to try the one person I told about it says the Dr is full of shit and think every thing can be fixed by a vit or probiotics and diet. The thing is I don't think she realises how much of an effect diet has on autistic children which makes me believe that there may be a nutritional compound in it.
All in all I feel lost. I am going to write more about The B-12 as I do more research and thinking

Saturday, 10 December 2011

A new View

I hate the thought of having a "Special Needs" child. I do not think my son has any thing wrong with him. I do know that he is not like every one else but but I do not feel like this is a bad thing.
The "Autism" label has been driving me nuts and causing an increase in my depression, and I do know that my son will need therapy to be able to function as he gets older so I am not stopping therapy.
I was looking back over the emotions I have gone through since hear the words "Falls on the Autism Spectrum" and I realised I have tried to control it, fix him, figure out what I did wrong to cause this, and  and thrown a pity party for myself. The thing is none of this has helped me feel any better or help Mini-man at all.
My new goal is to find fun and humour in every day life with him but I have to go now cause Mini-man is going to take over the computer I will write more funny stories soon

Friday, 2 December 2011


As I write this I am dreading travelling with my son. I love him and I want to take trips with him but it seems like it turns into a big production. This is a post I have been wanting to put up for a long time but I have not had much of a chance to.
I made a trip to see some family about 3 or 4 weeks ago and was not really worried. I learned that I should have been. We got to the house with no problem but that was the last of it. Mini-man had trouble sleeping, staying calm, and was generally upset because his routine was not right.
This was a learning experience. I now know that I can not travel to a place that will upset the routine. I first experienced this over the summer when camping. He was upset and lost some of his ability to deal with daily life. I really have no clue how to describe what happens when we travel. It just seems to be a big battle.
I am going to my parents this weekend an I will have to keep a log of what it is like to add to this post. This is all I have for my traveling post at this point in time but I have other post to put up.