Saturday, 10 December 2011

A new View

I hate the thought of having a "Special Needs" child. I do not think my son has any thing wrong with him. I do know that he is not like every one else but but I do not feel like this is a bad thing.
The "Autism" label has been driving me nuts and causing an increase in my depression, and I do know that my son will need therapy to be able to function as he gets older so I am not stopping therapy.
I was looking back over the emotions I have gone through since hear the words "Falls on the Autism Spectrum" and I realised I have tried to control it, fix him, figure out what I did wrong to cause this, and  and thrown a pity party for myself. The thing is none of this has helped me feel any better or help Mini-man at all.
My new goal is to find fun and humour in every day life with him but I have to go now cause Mini-man is going to take over the computer I will write more funny stories soon

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