Sunday, 2 September 2012


It seems like different activities bring Mini-man more into our world and out of his. While I do not mind if he zones out once in a while it is becoming more and more often that he seems to be in a completely different place then here and now. He is becoming slightly violent when I try to pull him away from where ever his mind takes him, causing a lot of problems like not knowing what Mini-man will do if Micro-man tries to play with him when Mini-man is in his own world.
It has gotten to the point where people have suggested drugs to control his behaviour. I am not willing to do that at this point in time, mostly because I refuse to drug a child that young who I still have control over most of the time. We have not had too much trouble with aggression to people who are not in the family and when we got the diagnosis I knew that aggression may become an issue mostly due to frustration and in ability to express himself. Still it is difficult to deal with as a parent.
As I type I remember how swimming and water play seems to bring Mini-man back to the here and now, to listen better, and interact more with people. It makes me happy to live in MI and near water, although I do wish we had a pool in town that was shallow enough to let him play in and touch the ground. It makes me want to let Mini-man live in the water. He is so happy in water and is almost like every other child.
I had to share what we found makes him happy and that is water. Water is our savior when it comes to sanity.