Monday, 11 July 2011

Warning labels

So everything has warning labels and if it doesn't someone wants to put one one. Most of them seem unnecessary. Some of my favorites of those are "Warning Coffee is very hot," The picture on the hair dryer and curling iron not to place in water when plugged in, and on plastic bags "Do not allow children and babies to play with may cause suffocation if placed over head and mouth." It just seems like we need to tell people everything they should use their brain to figure out.
Most of the stuff that has warning labels have them because some stupid person has done what is being warned against. That all being said I do think that some are needed. Most of those can be found on medications and other things that are not used often and people need special knowledge to understand.
All things being fair most people know the stuff we are being warned against and choose to do what amounts to being dumb. Then their children don't know any better and the cycle continues. Maybe to fix all this we need to teach people how to think, or maybe let Darwin's theory of evolution take hold and do what it is meant to. If nothing else we would control population growth. 

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