Thursday, 21 April 2011

canned food

Now dont get me wrong, I like convenace food as much as the next person, but I wonder how good it is for us. I am writing this as I use manwich to make food for the family when it would take just as much work to make sloppy joes from scrach. Along with that I am making frozen french fries and slicing a cucumber. Not the healthiest thing I have made in a while. The thing is I  dont have hardly enough energy to do this let alone anything else which stinks cause after every one eats I have to clean up the mess. It just seems like it is a never ending cycle. the only good thing is there is minimal clean up tonight. I still wish we could have gone out though. Unfortuatly my weight and icky tummy are preventing that. I am not even eating what every one else is having, I am having leftover soup just because I may be able to stomach that. Well my dinners calling so I will leave more later

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