Saturday, 9 April 2011


So I decided to start a new blog detailing my end of pregnacy and impending move to Detroit witch I am not sure I want to do. So to start I have 27 days left in my pregnacy and dont think I am going to live that long cause I cant breath or move. I have been having contractions for 2 days now they are mostly painless and being called braxton hicks. I want to disagree. All this wouldnt be so bad if I wasn't spend all my time trying to clean, get ready for baby, chase a 2.5 yr old, work part time in home health and be supportive of my husbands impending start of law school. As of right now I am not sure I want to move there with him but really do not have an other option.
On the moving part it seems like some people think I have options not to move and stay where I am, but I really cant. I know law school will take all my husbands time after talking to other law school widows. I will be supporting our family by myself and I am nervous about it. I dont want to live in Detroit but as of right now I have no choice. In reality I will basically be a single parent in a big city that I dont want to live in, in an area I have no intrest in living in or know, who know no one.
My husband and I have recently adopted a healthier life style at least in what we eat, this may be due in part to the fact our son in allergic to milk and soy. This is a hard thing for me to do due to my pregnacy since food does not appeal to me at all. It would be so nice if I could just order a pizza or make something for them out of a box when I am wore out. I will keep trying to fallow the plan so we can be healthier and lose weight (after baby #2 is born for me) and maybe save some money.
Ok so I know this is just turning into a big complaining post about my life but I wouldn't trade my family for anything. I love them so much it just is starting to go crazy here and my life is just starting to overwhelm me.
Next time I will say more about what is good and try to expain more about my stress.

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