Friday, 11 May 2012


Diapers ugg I hate them with a passion. I know they are a fact of life when you have little ones but they still stick. My major problem is the cost. Disposable cost about .20 each for the cheepest one, and they do not work as well as the name brand that cost around .40 each and then go in the trash after one use. I don't know about any one else who sees this but I can not afford to throw that much  money out in a day if you think about how many diapers on child uses in a day, 6 or more.
Now have 2 in diapers and you can see how quickly the cost add up. I have 2 in diapers and we go through about 18 or more a day or about 3.60 a day. Figure this out for a month and yeah I don't even what to think about the cost.
The other thing about disposable diaper is the chemicals in them. I like to call them chemical diapers. A lot of older people call them paper diapers. This drives me nuts. There is no paper to speak of in a chemical diaper. There is some kind of cotton out side and a super absorbent chemical core.
All that being said you may be able to see why I switched to cloth diapers. I have fallen in love with cloth. They cost a bit more up front but I no longer need to worry about not having diapers on hand, all I have to do is a load of laundry if I get low. The best ones I have go on just like a disposable, not hard at all even my DH uses them. Now I do have some of the cheep old school cloth diapers that no one else in my family or who takes care of my children will use but that is OK due to the fact I do most of the the diaper changes here any way.
The other thing cloth did is help mini-man with some of the behaviours he has. I do not know why unless the chemicals were bugging his skin and that made him act out. 
Now I do still have a use for disposables mostly in the form of child care. My daycare wants disposables as does the mini-mans school. I do not mind using the few disposables in theses few cases. In fact in ways it make life easier. 
So while I encourage any one who is having a baby to use cloth or at least look at the long term cost and consider it I do understand there is a place for disposable diapers.


  1. My parents used cloth, old school ones that just look like a really bare hand towel or something. I know it makes sense and I'd at least be open to trying it out, but I have to admit I'm a little disgusted by the idea. When I clean the bathroom I go through an insane amount of lysol, bathroom cleaner, and paper towel because if I use cloth I know that washing it won't make it feel clean to me and I'll just wind up throwing it away. And then I change my clothes and spend half an hour scrubbing my arms.

    Yeah, I don't know how I'm going to handle diapers at all, cloth or disposable. I'll probably have to see about OCD medication or something when I actually have kids.

    1. Intersting fact, I find cloth to be cleaner then disposible mostly due to the fact poop does not end up on the cloth like it can and will with disposable. Hard fact of life if you have kids you will deal with poop and other grosser things