Sunday, 15 April 2012


I can not believe that I am going to travel on my own to an event with mini and micro-man. We love to go different places but I never have gone this far with no help. We did a trial run a few weeks ago and it went alright. Mind you the distance was not as far and the place was not as child friendly as next weeks location. We are going to Marquette to the great cloth diaper challenge.
I choose Marquette's location even thought there are closer locations, none in town, due to the fact it is at a very child friendly place, the UP Children's Museum. I am hoping since I can only change on child at the change and Mini-Man may be too tall to be counted any way, that he could play nearby in the museum.
I am extreemly nervous for all this though. I know that there are going to be at least 25 sets of adults and children not to mention any one else using the museum. The thing is I have learned that these fears can not stop me from taking my boys and doing things I want to do with them. Too many times I have stayed home or left places because I was not sure how Mini-man would do, well no more. I will not set him up to fail but nor will I stay away because I feel he may not be able to handle a situation.
Hopefully I will be able to get back on my weekly post schedule and next week I will be able to say how this all works out.
Light It Up Blue in April and all year to support Autistic people and their families.

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  1. Hurray! That must be exciting for you, though I know it's also scary. I hope that it goes well and that you and the kids enjoy the trip.