Saturday, 19 May 2012


So this year I am planting a garden. This is the first year I will be having my own garden at my house. I am so excited. While I know it is still early in the year to plant some stuff I am planting this weekend anyway.
The garden started out as a small project to save some money and eat better and has turned into a lifestyle change. We needed to save money and a garden fit the bill, we could grow our own food for a lot less then we can buy it. So then we decided to landscape the front of our house and went with blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry plants. Then we took out some evergreen trees that we are all allergic to and replaced them with apple trees. All this has cost us about $100 dollars, not a cheep venture when  you consider that this year we will get little to no fruit of the plants. Of course it is only a one time cost. I have not bought seeds or transplants yet but will be tomorrow or today and I will eventually post what that cost.
Later I found that some times children with ASD will be more likely to try food that they can see where it comes from and have a hand in growing. So that made the space I am using for the garden grow to a final area of 30X8 feet. It has been a lot of work to clear and we just finished it this week and filled all the low area. You should have seen the trash we dug out. Mini-Man thought that this was the best thing ever. He got to play "Farmer" ie helped us sift the dirt. I am surprised how excited he is to help already.
This will be an adventure in many things. I am sure to write more about it this summer and fall as it affects our family and I am learning to preserve food. Hope to get a picture up soon if I can find a camera.

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