Thursday, 19 January 2012

Things I wish some one had told me

When you are told you child has a devolpemental issue you are told certain things like take time because your child may need extra time, and I will want to see your child more often. I am sure there are many more that I am unable to think of at this time but they are not important, it is the things no one tells you that matter.

I have a list of five things I wish that some one had told me when I found out mini-man has ASD, today I am listing them in hopes to share them with others who may need the information.

1) He will not sleep. This is a fact, I have talked to other parents with children who have ASD and most seem to have this same problem. I have talked to different parents and the only thing that I have heard is a sure fire cure is perscription drugs and I am not ready to go there yet. Until we can do something about this I will be living on Diet Coke

2) You  will seek out other Parents advice. It doesn't matter how many Dr. you see or how often you will want to talk to others who have been there and shared a simular experance to you. Sometimes this will be better advice then what the medical professionals tell you sometimes worse. Remember one day other parents will be turning to you.

3) People will try to tell you what they feel you should do and in general do not listen to them. When you tell someone what is going on in your life with your child they will want to help you fix the problem and give you advice most of the time this will not work for you child. The people mean well and may  even be your parents but they do not live with your child and most likely do not live with you or have a child with the same problems as yours. The major exception to this is parents who have a child like yours and if they have workd on the same problems. 

4) You know your child and what works for them. Trust yourself. I know that the experts say you should do things one way and you try but it doesn't help but you try a different way and it works do it your way. I wish I could tell all parents this. You are a good parent and you love you child(ren), You know what they are able to do, what they can't do, what you are teaching them, and what they are unable to handle, work with this and forget what the experts say they do not know your child.

5) Do not feel guilty if you can not afford, do all the treatments and therapies you want, as long as every one survives then all is well. If you live in a state like MI your insurance may not cover all conditions and ASD is one and therapy, and treatments add up. This is the one that I just learned. I want to help mini-man how ever I can and will try anything just about if I can pay for it. Here are two example one is Vit B12 shots. The Dr. suggested I think about trying them and I wanted to the thing is it cost too much money. The second is a gluten free diet. I am trying that but failing mostly do to people who are unwilling to follow it causing mini-man not to eat what is gluten free and going to others houses and getting what he wants.

Theses are some of the things I wish some one had told me when I got the ASD diagnosis.

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  1. I hope I'm never read as pushy with my suggestions. I think I may be one of those people in #3, but I do not mean to tell anyone what to do, only to share my thoughts and let them know someone is listening. It's hard to know what else to say to get that across sometimes.

    I'm going to try it, though. :) If you're not asking for suggestions, I'll assume you don't need them, and just say what I mean even if it sounds weird and corny to me. With that in mind, thanks for sharing your experiences and I wish you the best in finding what works for you and your son.