Thursday, 8 September 2011

The whole story

OK so here is the whole story of my oldest son because he has not always had a healthy or easy life. I know i may leave some things out and for that I am sorry. If you think that something is not making sense let me know and I will fill you in and go back and fix it.
Mini-man was a surprise baby and I was on Zoloft and I wonder if that is the cause of some of his problems but I dagress. My pregnacy was complicated by pre-eclampsia that cause me to be induced. I am not even going to talk about the labor because it was not exactly normal but not too abnormal.
I decided to booby feed and was given help but no one ever told me one thing about booby fed babies is they poop a lot and constipation can indicate a problem if it is an ongoing issue. One other thing about the poop is it should not smell horible. Well guess what it was until around 18 months when we found he has an allergy to milk and soy. That helped with the constipation and the ear infections. He had 6 up until this point which is too many.
That was the first part of his life with the medical issues. The second part starts with some regression with talking about 18 months where he went from some basic speech being some behind but not far to not talking at all. At this point we started speech therapy. 
The next thing that happened is he got RSV and was really sick. At this point he had a hard time breathing so after going to the Dr that morning with it we ended up in the ER with breathing issues, a high fever, and almost catatonic. It took months to kick this. So any way we got over that and we started the autism evaluation.
Now we have had shingles for 2.5 months and are getting that look into because it mean that there is a possible immune issue.
I was also told today that his chest muscles on the right side are either missing or severly under devloped. Ugg and to end this all we have been dealing with iron and vit D defficance though out. We did get the iron sorted out and only have to fix the D issues.

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