Sunday, 18 September 2011


I wish I could stop mini-man from biting. It is starting to cause a lot of problems. First he was kicked out of daycare for biting, which sucks but I can work with (they can not control him and it is becoming a safety issue). The second thing is he has been having issues in school and they have written me a note to see what we do at home but I have nothing we are doing that is working. Now today we went to a new church so that I could try and find a place of worship that better meshes with my beliefs and he could not stay in the nursery due to biting. I am just at my wits end.
Any one have any ideas of what to do for him?
PS. we are going in for an ultrasound tomorrow to check his kidneys because he has Poland's anomaly. I will put more on this issue later as I know more.


  1. The only thing I can think to do is ask experts. :-/ Which might be expensive. But I would have no idea how to handle a special-needs kid and would probably need to talk to special ed people. Actually, my mom got a master's degree in special ed...would it be ok with you if I tell her about him and see if she has ideas?


    This has some good tips..